2000 and 8000 Regency Parkway


Alidade Capital contracted Salzeider, Inc. to renovate the interior and exterior, and construct a new modern entrance feature at two six-story office buildings being re-introduced to the desirable Cary office market.


The exterior renovation consisted of re-coating the exterior pre-cast concrete bands (to white) and re-sealing and re-coating the existing glazing and metal panel systems (to gray), consistent with updating the look of the two six-story office buildings on Regency Parkway in Cary, NC.  The updated look of each façade was  enhanced by the addition of new full glass building entries, aluminum clad wall panel accents, new exposed aggregate concrete walks and patios, and updated bollard and building lighting to re-center each entry as tenants make their way from the parking area.  The interior renovation included custom finished wall panels in the main lobbies, stainless steel and stone elevator lobbies, digital building diretories, complete renovation of the core restrooms, adding café, conference and exercise areas, and completely renovating all common area corridors with new carpet tile, wallcovering, acoustical ceilings and LED lighting.

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